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    iPlayMusic: Learn Music Chords To Your Favorite Songs On iTunes!

    2009 - 06.30

    iPlayMusic has a beta app for Mac users that they can use to learn chords on guitar (or piano, etc.), so they can play along to their favorite songs on iTunes.  How awesome is that?!  (This isn’t for those of you on Rock Band or Guitar Hero, sorry to say!)  This is an awesome way to learn how to play a musical instrument, and/or learn how to play your favorite song.  You can change the speed but not the pitch to help you learn, plus export to your iPhone or iPod to play anywhere, anytime.

    Get the free beta at http://www.iplaymusic.com/.

    Pirate Bay Sold To Legit Company

    2009 - 06.30

    Just like Napster did years ago, Pirate Bay has been bought out by a legit business and will start doing things on the “up-and-up.”  Global Gaming Factory bought them out for a little less than $8 million.  Read the story at arstechnica.com.  The Pirate Bay founders were sentenced to time in prison (they haven’t yet served) a little while ago for breaking copyright laws.

    Amazon Drops Another State Over Sales Tax Provision

    2009 - 06.30

    States looking to grab sales tax from websites like Amazon, are seeing those e-retailers cut ties with business partners in said state, and now Rhode Island joins North Carolina as losing out on business (and advertising) with Amazon.  Get the story at news.wbru.com

    States really think they’ll collect on these taxes, but the e-retailers end up cutting ties with business partners (including advertising on the locally-run websites), and then everyone loses out.  Make no mistake, when a state does this, they’re effectively killing businesses based in their state.

    Check out my scoop on how Ken Rockwell is trying to stop California from doing the same thing.

    DropBox: Sync Files and Photos Online, Send Large Files

    2009 - 06.30

    Dropbox is a cool online service that lets you sync files and photos online (so you can access them from anywhere), plus it allows you to send large files, store files, and share those files (like photos, for example), as well.  Plus so much more.  You use a simple app (for Mac, Windows, and Linux users).  You start out with 2GB of space that can be upgraded (check out the plans here).

    This is very useful to me, a video editor and filmmaker.  I can now share files with others (like my friend who does visual effects and needs raw video files), and I’m not as limited by maximum upload sizes on some files.  Great!! 

    Check out the video tour here, and get started at getdropbox.com.  You can do referrals and start racking up more free space if people you referred join!

    Doom Resurrection Game Now On iPhone

    2009 - 06.30

    Doom Resurrection is a new game made specifically for the iPhone (and iPod touch), and it’s available now.  id Software is promision more games, like Quake and Wolfenstein.  That’s pretty friggin’ cool.  Get the scoop at tuaw.com.

    Dell Developing Small Internet Gadget

    2009 - 06.30

    It looks like Dell is working on a small Internet device, but won’t have phone capabilities, according to wsj.com.  It’ll be like the iPod touch, apparently.  Man, the iPhone and iPod touch are such pop culture lexicons, it seems like almost every company wants to immitate them!  More details as they come in.

    Firefox 3.5 Released

    2009 - 06.30

    The newest version of Firefox, 3.5, has been released and Firefox says it’s “faster, safer, smarter, better.”  And so far, it looks pretty good.  I noticed a bit of a speed increase, which is always welcome.  I use Safari 4, Camino 1.6.8 (which I write this blog on), and Firefox, and Safari 4 is by the fastest while Camino lags behind.  Firefox is faster, but to my eye, it’s not as fast as Safari 4. 

    For the record, I do enjoy using all three, but I use each for different tasks.  You can get Firefox 3.5 for free at Firefox.com, for both Mac and Windows.  Check out features here.

    Nikon D300s, D3000 Images?

    2009 - 06.30

    Are these leaked images of the Nikon D300s and the D60 “sequel,” the D3000 (also speculated to be called the D4000)?  See them and get details at electronista.com.  If true, these could be making their debut very soon (check out this link for details).  Hmmm, the rumored D3000 looks nice, but D5000 seems to be a great camera so far.

    Anyway, looking at the D3000 image, it looks like a D40 with a little Photoshop action.

    300,000 Palm Pres Sold In June 2009?

    2009 - 06.30

    Did Palm and Spring sell 300,000 Pres in June 2009?  It looks that way, according to Electronista.com.  Great news for Palm and Sprint, especially as they target iPhone owners with expiring AT&T contracts.

    Toyota’s New Tech: Brain Waves Move Wheelchair!

    2009 - 06.29

    Toyota has new technology that allows people to use brain waves to move a wheelchair.  No control, no voice command, BRAIN WAVES!  CRAZY!!  Get the story at yahoo.com.

    This reminds me of some old Iron Man stories like Armor Wars 2 (writer John Byrne, artist John Romita, Jr.) and later used extensively by writer Len Kaminski and artist Kev Hopgood.  Tony Stark created armor and an LMD (Life Model Decoy) of himself that could be controlled by his brain waves and a headset or his armor’s helmet.  This armor was 100% telepresence.